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At Designer Bathroom Concepts we believe something good is something worth sharing. So why not tell a friend about Designer Bathroon Concepts? If your friend purchases they'll get the best deal we have available we have and you'll also get a £25 M&S Gift Card. After all, happiness is worth sharing.

How to claim your £25 M&S Gift Card:

  • Step 1 Fill in you and your friends details below and click submit button
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If you just tell your friend to call 0800 873 4055 saying that they've been referred by you and quote your order number.

What happens next?

The gift card will be sent to you within 30 days of your friend's order, providing:

  • Your friend has not exercised their right to cancel their order
  • Their first payment has been received by Designer Bathroom Concepts
  • You have not cancelled or returned your order

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