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An Excellent Service Experience

To guarantee consistent and exceptional experiences at all times throughout your entire buying process from product selection to installation. Please find below our Designer Bathroom Concepts Service Promise.

Designer Bathroom Concepts is committed to delivering an excellent service experience. Ensuring YOUR contact with any of our expert team members at all times is:

Customer Service


  • Instant access to customer service professionals (‘Bathroom Experts’) who are knowledgeable, fully trained, and committed to delivering service excellence to YOU our highly valued customer


  • Courteous & professional ‘Bathroom Experts’ when you contact us.
  • Friendly & personalised – exhibiting personality & character, not ‘automated’ or ‘call-centre-like’ following prescribed scripting.


  • Updates on delivery status as frequent as necessary to keep YOU properly informed.
  • Accurate delivery dates agreed upon between YOU & your Bathroom Expert – met or updated accordingly and within your agreed timing requirements.


  • Experienced Bathroom Experts asking relevant & detailed questions at the point of initial discussion according to product type, saving YOU time and preventing delay and unnecessary on-going communication.
  • Lifestyle appropriate – contact method as preferred by YOU (email or telephone) and as dictated by request-type (e.g. urgent, emergency).
  • Detailed confirmation and reminder of delivery arrangements upon completion of any order placed with our company; including cancellation policy, order reference numbers, and delivery terms and conditions.

Valuable & Relevant

  • Understanding YOUR lifestyle wants and needs, and providing ‘Insider’ objective product recommendations, based on YOUR personal preferences & budgets.
  • Knowledgeable advice using internal team of Specialists in their respective fields.
  • Source of diverse product information and recommendation, from suggesting luxury, unique and/or bespoke products, to providing relevant alternative options should YOUR first option not be available for any reason.
  • Tailoring suggestions & making recommendations to meet YOUR needs, not ours or those of our manufacturers & contacts.
  • Providing on-going, added-value product benefits to YOU, based on what YOU value – be it design, money, functionality or all three!

Privacy Policy

  • Handling & fulfillment of YOUR requests with the utmost sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality, as well as cultural considerations and awareness at all times.
  • YOUR personal data recorded in a secure company CRM database (see Privacy Policy) handled with care and discretion at all times.

Effective & Rapid Complaint Handling

  • Available for YOUR feedback via phone, email, face-to-face meetings or on:
  • Swift acknowledgement of YOUR experience related concerns by a Bathroom Expert and Head of Customer Care where necessary, personalised handling & investigation by appropriate Designer Bathroom Concepts team member, committed to acting in YOUR best interests at all times.
  • Complaint status update throughout entire course of complaint – no need to chase.

    Follow up post-complaint resolution to ensure service excellence re-instated.

Welcoming Feedback

  • We may from time to time non-invasively contact YOU directly via telephone or email from an appropriate Designer Bathroom Concepts team member throughout the duration of YOUR buying journey from placing the order through to delivery to gauge the quality of YOUR experience.
  • Providing open platform for ad-hoc (and anonymous if preferred) feedback via dedicated Website section. Via Questionnaires & Member Surveys, from time to time.
  • Thanking for and swift acknowledgement of YOUR feedback. Investigation, evaluation and follow up, where appropriate. Implementing new customer experience-related initiatives where required.

What YOU can expect from us

  • Customer calls are recorded for training purposes and to ensure that we strive for service excellence.
  • Cultivating & promoting an internal corporate culture of never-ending service evaluation & improvement.
  • Continuous pursuit of cutting edge, ‘insider’ and hidden gem product finds throughout the world to share with YOU to help you experience more in YOUR bathroom day after day.
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