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  • The Vessel Bath - Coming Soon to Designer Bathroom Concepts

    Vessel Designer Bath

    They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this is most definitely the case with the Vessel bath. A truly awe-inspiring piece of craftsmanship this designer bath is a must-have within any luxury bathroom, both as a work of art and an indulgent place of relaxation. Suspended from the wall, the bath has a certain elegant simplicity but with bespoke design features available, this bath can be turned into a sensational, bold design statement for your bathroom.

    For a bathroom that exudes extravagance, the Vessel can be fabricated with different colour carbon weaves to meet various aesthetic specifications; or for the ultimate in designer luxury, the gel coat can be impressed with gold or silver leaf to create a bath that is quite simply breathtaking. Furthermore, with the hammock style of the bath comes endless amounts of comfort, with more support and relaxation than one can achieve in a traditional bath.

    The manufacturing methods of this contemporary bath are as bespoke as its design, with a reputed boat manufacturer constructing the bath using a C.N.C milled mould similar to that of a boat hull. In order to create the 10mm streamline thickness of the skin of this bath, skilled manufacturing techniques are employed to retain this sleek finish all the while ensuring it can hold weights of up to 400kg.

    Vessel Designer Bath

    As a limited edition piece of bathroom craftsmanship the Vessel has been composed using carbon fibre, a distinctive material that is more commonly used in super cars due to its incredibly high specification. The carbon fibre is used in its original form so as to show the weave (mirroring the fabric of a traditional hammock) whilst providing an exceptionally pliable, durable material that is undoubtedly rare within a bathroom.

    The hammock effect of the Vessel is achieved with 2 skins of this raw carbon fibre being wrapped around a revolutionary core of foam to achieve a bath that is remarkably heat retaining and strong. And, for even further durability the bath has been reinforced with a polyester gel coat resin to create a highly polished finish that further accentuates the warmth retained within the bath as well as the durability and hardwearing quality of the carbon fibre. The gel coat also allows the weave of the carbon fibre to remain visible whilst creating a smoother more aesthetically pleasing finish that is also anti-scratch.

    Vessel Designer Bath

    Designed to be installed within a wet room, the Vessel is suspended from the walls using a reinforced stainless steel plate that can be left exposed or covered up. A freestanding bath tap is situated next to the bath for filling and the waste water is let out through the base of the bath into a floor drain. Should a wet room not be possible a downpipe can be installed or the bath fitted flush to the floor, but this may detract from the astounding artistic flair created by this bath.

    Once installed the height of the bath is approximately 1m with the length from wall-to-wall being 2.7m, the width being 80cm and the gap to the floor being 15cm. However, custom sizes are available and the Vessel has been designed to allow it to be trimmed up to 20cm for flexibility when installing.

    Vessel Designer Bath

    It is clear that the manufacturing and design elements that have been employed within this bath are second-to-none with every element of the bath considered to ensure that it is of the highest quality and indulgence. Ultimately, the Vessel would be an exceptional addition within any contemporary bathroom, providing you with a distinguished bathroom feature that is undeniably extravagant and one that will capture your imagination and provide total escapism. And, with only 15 of these baths produced to date, your home, hotel or spa could soon house a unique bathroom feature that will demand unwavering attention and be the envy of anyone who beholds it.

    Pricing starts from £22,000.

    Vessel Designer Bath

  • Bling Makes The Bath

    Luxuriate in a golden soaking tub. For bathtub aficionados with a Midas touch, what makes a real splash these days is a freestanding golden soaking tub, by PSCBATH. Tubs also come in clear glass, or wrapped in zebra or crocodile leather, or neon-lit, studded with sparkling crystals or as claw foot classics. Prefer to imagine you’re being showered in a rain forest?


    Glass , metal or chiseled granite vessel sinks resemble works of art. Sink stoppers and jewel-like drain covers include tiny starfish, turtles, mini -sculptures of the moon and stars, snail shells and cloisonne.

    Walls of quartz sport embossed 3D finishes that look like white lace or black crocodile skin. All the rage: Alphenberg’s leather flooring and wall tiles.Luxuriating in the bath doesn’t just mean bubbles or whirlpool jets anymore. Kohler‘s new line of VibrAcoustic baths soothes bathers into relaxation with lighting, sounds and vibrations, for a mere $1,055 to $4634 per system.


    According to the American Institute of Architect’s Home Design Trends Survey for the last quarter of 2012, baths are among the first spaces to be upgraded in existing homes. Accessibility into and around the bathroom is a growing concern for homeowners, particularly those plan to age in place. The study explored emerging design trends in both kitchens and baths, both for new homes and improvements to existing homes.

    Twenty-two percent of respondents said that the size of bathrooms in homes has been increasing over the past year, consistent with census data indicating that the size of homes is also increasing. In many homes, bathrooms are being designed with only stall showers, eliminating the bathtub. Many of the showers are larger, with multiple shower heads and hand showers, benches and other accoutrements.

    Doorless /no threshold showers are also becoming more popular.

    Sustainability is also increasingly part of bathroom design, particularly when it comes to installing LED lighting, water-saving or dual-flush toilets.

    An oversized LED shower head by the British company BathEmpire changes color as the water heats up– blue for cold, green for medium water temperature and red for hot –and cascades over your body.



    Looking to add more value, function and flair to their bathrooms, homeowners, and their architects, are concentrating more on upgrading bathrooms as well as kitchens. During the downturn, less attention was paid to these areas rather than spend more on home improvements, said Kermit Baker, chief economist of the American Institute of Architects,

    At the 7000 square foot showroom at Fancy Fixtures, a bath supply house in Jericho, NY, it’s clear that plumbing is the jewelry of the bath. Sparkle reigns. Opulent faucet handles are adorned with Swarovski crystals.

    Sherle Wagner faucets come shaped like swans and dolphins with precious metal finishes such as gold and platinum, and semiprecious stones such as rose quartz or amethyst.

    Walls are covered in custom waves of mosaic tile, glass bubbles, murals and mini brick and bamboo tiles.Backlit quartz and recycled glass pedestal sinks glow. The outside of artisan porcelain sink bowls — the wash basins of yesteryear — are encrusted with pearls and crystals. Glass , metal or chiseled granite vessel sinks resemble works of art.

    Sink stoppers and jewel-like drain covers include tiny starfish, turtles, mini -sculptures of the moon and stars, snail shells and cloisonne.Spa-worthy tubs have raised seats, air-jets, arm and foot rests or come outfitted with built-in aromatherapy and the changing colors of chromatherapy.

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