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Planning & Designing Your Luxury Bathroom

Designing your bathroom

The design of your bathroom is imperative as it needs to emulate a luxurious, indulgent feel that will enable you to relax, unwind and escape the day-to-day hustle and bustle of your life. Equally, it needs to be a practical space too, particularly if you are designing your bathroom for the entire family.

A bathroom is also a selling point for your home, with the fixtures and fittings being important aspects that potential buyers will consider when viewing the property. Therefore, a well-designed bathroom that oozes sophistication and style will add a great feature to your property, so it’s important you get the right balance between what you can afford and the overall ambience it creates.

Don’t just look at your current bathroom and think of the negatives; look at it and think of all the functional and designer aspects you desire from your new suite and what you feel is going to be important in the future. For example, if you do think you’ll be selling your property in the next few years, ridding your home completely of a bath and just having a wet room may put some buyers off as many still favour a bath. Equally, showers are becoming an important feature within any bathroom, so try and ensure one of these is installed, even if it is just over the bath.

Utilising the space within your bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom to work with then try to utilise as much of this space as possible, adding creative features such as a double-basin unit and stylish bathroom furniture. These won’t just add practical elements to your bathroom but fashionable, timeless additions that will create storage space to de-clutter your bathroom and maximise the indulgent ambience you are creating.

Creating space within your bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom or wish to create an airy, spacious feel, then large mirrors and bright lighting are a wonderful way to add additional space to your bathroom. The lighting and mirrors within your bathroom are again stylish features that can be utilised for their functionality too. Contemporary bathroom mirrors include all sorts of designer features including audio features and stunning LED lighting.

Employ the right people to install your bathroom

There’s absolutely no point buying a luxury bathroom suite to then try and save money with the installation. Unless you’re a skilled plumber or fitter, try and avoid installing the bathroom yourself as all of the electrics, plumbing and tiling will need carrying out by a specialist. If installed incorrectly you could affect the longevity of the bathroom suite.

How should you plan your bathroom?

Take accurate measurements of your bathroom and draw this up on a plan so you can scale the various items into your bathroom. A good way to scale it is 20:1 (20mm in the room is the equivalent to 1mm on the paper), as this will allow you to fit a 4m x 4m bathroom onto one A4 piece of paper. You will need to mark the door, windows, water pipes, radiator and waste points onto this plan.

For help in the design of your bathroom, don’t forget that Designer Bathroom Concepts offer a FREE bathroom design quotation service in which we’ll draw up plans and source products within your requirements to meet your budget.

Choosing a shower

Choosing a shower

When it comes to choosing a shower you will need to make sure that you choose the right shower for your plumbing system. Our bathroom experts can help you ascertain which will be the most appropriate but here are some helpful hints as to which shower you can install.

Cold water supply – if you only have a cold water supply to your bathroom then you will need to install an electric shower (you will need to check you can get an electricity supply too).

Hot & Cold water supply – if you have both hot and cold water supplies then you can have a mixer shower, this could be a full thermostatic system or a shower head with valves. When choosing this you will need to check your water pressure, as a low pressure system will need a different type of shower to ensure maximum functionality.

Once you’ve confirmed the above you will then need to decide whether you’re going to install the shower above the bath, in a separate cubicle or as a wet room. If you are choosing a wet room or cubicle you’ll need to check that the waste pipes can be connected to where the waste of your shower will be installed. Furthermore, full waterproofing of the shower cubicle / bath is essential; creating a waterproof seal by installing a waterproofing strip before you fit the tiles is a good way to guarantee this.

Handy tip: A stone resin shower tray is easier to make waterproof as they do not twist under weight, equally they are more hard-wearing and are becoming a favoured option within a shower.

Choosing the right waste system

This is the part of your bathroom design that is less flexible than other parts as you will need to install the waste pipes so they are running downhill from where the waste outlets of your bathroom suite are installed. This is an important aspect to take into consideration when moving the various fixtures and fittings around in your bathroom.

Heating your bathroom

Obtaining the right heating within your bathroom is another important aspect as you never want to feel cold when you get out of the shower or you’re enjoying a long soak in the bath tub. If you are looking to change your bathroom flooring then opting for underfloor heating may be the ideal option as this provides a wonderful warming feeling underfoot whilst heating your entire bathroom.

Underfloor heating isn’t hard to install, particularly when purchased in the electric systems that come in a loose cable or mat form – these are ideal for bathrooms.

Or, if you’re wanting to create a distinguished feature of your heating and want somewhere to dry your towels a designer bathroom radiator is a must. With sensational designs available you could opt for a traditional Victorian styled radiator or one with a modern twist, e.g. the Quartz designer radiator that can be personalised with digital images.

Choosing bathroom furniture

Adding designer furniture to your bathroom

To finish your bathroom to the highest designer quality, bathroom furniture is a must. Whether you choose to opt for freestanding or modular styles, you can create a bathroom that radiates your unique style and taste and is completely in-fitting with your bathroom colour scheme.

For contemporary bathroom furniture you can be as bold and extravagant as you wish with many bespoke colour options and unique design features. Equally, for the more traditional, understated of bathrooms, freestanding bathroom furniture would add endless amounts of panache and style.

Ultimately, your bathroom designs should have no limitations, if you want animal print – thou shalt have animal print! Modern bathroom furniture, sanitaryware, brassware and so on give you great scope with your designs, allowing you to create a bathroom that isn’t just a place of total escapism but one that has that wow-factor, day after day, year after year.

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